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“there are no special needs children, just children with special needs.” TM

Knowledgeable Legal Guidance

Means So Much When Your Child’s Education Is At Stake

Issues such as how to prepare for an IEP Team meeting, understanding your exceptional child’s legal rights to a Free and Appropriate Public Education, or filing and/or responding to a Due Process complaint, may at first seem overwhelming and scary, like watching a foreign film. Let me, Eric B. Epstein, a Florida and New York licensed attorney, help you!  In addition to being an attorney, I  am the father and “Dadvocate” for my 14 year-old daughter with special needs and developmental disabilities. I may not be able to get your child every educational desire that you may have, but I will be there to guide you, comfort you and assist you as not only your lawyer, but a friend as well. I’ve walked in your shoes. I understand the issues from the perspective of a parent.

More About Me

My Principles


It is a sad, but true, fact that lawyers are the butt of many jokes. We don’t have great reputations for integrity, and are seen as simply being money-hungry, problem-makers. I can’t promise you that I can change that feeling for all lawyers. However, I can promise that after letting me represent you, the last adjective you would use to describe me is money-hungry or dishonest. As the father of a significantly disabled child, I have learned all too well that life is more than about money and making a quick dime of off someone else. I truly want to make a difference in your life, and help you to efficiently, easily and painlessly navigate the challenging situation that brought you to me.

Client Communications

It is my firm belief that you, as my client, are entitled to receive ongoing communications about the current status of your case. One principle that I firmly believe in is responsive communications; that is, I will promptly reply to your phone call, email or text, as soon as reasonably practical.

In Your Shoes

As not only an attorney, but as a dad of a child with special needs, I can definitively state that I have “walked in your shoes.” I am fully aware that understanding you and your situation is vital to a successful attorney-client relationship. I intuitively understand your family’s situation. I promise to understand you and your child, respect you and your child and do my best to comfort you through your legal dilemma and its resolution process.


Eric B. Epstein, Esq.

When You Need a Skilled, Compassionate and Knowledgable Education Lawyer in Broward, Palm Beach and Dade Counties

Licensed to practice law in both the States of Florida and New York. I am also a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator. In 2016, I decided to expand upon my knowledge and training and enrolled as a Graduate Student in Marriage and Family Therapy at Nova Southeastern University. It is important to me to continue to learn and understand human relationships and behaviors, as, at its core, all legal disputes and issues impact systemic relationships.

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